Bubble bursts for 'Big Brother' favourite

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Bubble, the Big Brother housemate who was tipped to walk away with the show's £70,000 prize, was lost for words for the first time when he was evicted by viewers last night.

The barman from Surrey, whose real name is Paul Ferguson, had been nominated to leave the Channel 4 programme for only the first time, and most predictions pointed to Paul Clarke, who had been put forward for the third time, being thrown out instead.

Both contestants were shocked by the revelation that Bubble had received 53 per cent of the votes. Since the nominations he had grabbed every opportunity to persuade viewers to keep him in the house. He even tried a world record attempt at eating the highest number of sweetcorn kernels in three minutes – but failed by four.

Although he was initially popular with his fellow contestants, they appeared to grow irritated with his boorish behaviour. "This is horrid," he said on learning of the nomination.

As fellow housemates hugged him, he said, with tears brimming in his eyes: "I am gutted but you have to get on with it. It happens to everyone. The worst thing that could happen is that you get your life back."

Since Bubble's eviction, the Ryanair steward Brian has become the bookies' favourite to win the contest.