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Sunband pounds 4.95
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Despite the fact that summer seems to have disappeared in a flurry of April showers, the fashion world is ever optimistic that the sun will shine again; none more so than Chic & Plus, who have come up with the bright idea of the Sunband, half sunglasses, half Alice band. It's just the thing for all those after-dark sunglasses posers who like nothing more than to prop up the bar or lurk in the shadows of some pulsating night-club with a pair of wraparound shades perched, not on their nose, but on top of their heads.

The Sunband comes in a choice of 10 colours, from rose-tinted to tortoiseshell, so you can co-ordinate it with whatever you are wearing. A London hair salon, Neville Hair & Beauty, is selling them with the recommendation that they can become part of your hairstyle: "Put the Sunband on as if it were a pair of sunglasses. Push back past the forehead into the hair and then slightly push forward so the hair lifts at the front. Alternatively, backcomb the crown, then add the Sunband." For blondes, Neville recommends tortoiseshell, and for brunettes and redheads, white or pale green. At pounds 4.95 each, you can buy a couple: grey for a rainy day, and orange or pink for when the sun is shining

The Sunband is available from Harrods, Selfridges, and Neville Hair & Beauty,

5 Pont Street, London SW1