Chickens, penguins and 140 seconds to share your life story

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What do chickens, penguins and 140 seconds have to do with each other? Marko Slavnic can tell you. His 140-second video entitled "Chicken vs. Penguin" was selected as the winner of the Nikon Festival on January 26.

The competition was created and launched in November 2009 with the aim of inspiring young filmmakers to create short films. Filmmakers were encouraged to think about current social media trends and could use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to share their creations.

"So many people see filmmaking as this elite thing and that you need a big crew to produce a quality film," said Marko Slavnic, Nikon Festival Judges' Award Winner. "I was excited when a friend told me about the Festival, and Nikon has shown people that you don't have to be a professional to create a film and be seen by a huge audience."

Marko Slavnic's film was selected from more than 1,200 video submissions. His film, and other top submissions, can be viewed at the Nikon Festival website: