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For its first foray into television advertising, Toshiba Information Systems has drawn on computer animation techniques used in the hit Disney film Toy Story. In the ad a portable PC flies out of a London office window bound for New York, leaving behind a sad desktop PC held back by wire and plug. The pounds 3m commercial, which broke last week and is believed to be the first entirely 3-D animated ad to be shown in the UK, is running in conjunction with existing print work.

The client: Toshiba Information Systems

Sarah Herschel-Shorland, marketing communications manager

We've advertised for a number of years in the press, but it has been limited mainly to IT and trade publications, and also the Sunday Times, to broaden our reach to the business person.

But now laptop PCs are very much an essential business tool, used across all sorts of industries by all sorts of people, so we felt it was an opportune time to broaden our reach through other media. Toshiba is the number one brand in portable PCs, and the brief was to stress not only that, but also that portable technology gives you the freedom to work anywhere.

The agency: Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters

Michael Finn, managing director

We're trying to reach professionals in large corporations responsible for buying computers, and also those who simply use them for work and have a choice as to what brand to buy. Toshiba are the brand leaders by some way, with almost 50 per cent of the market, and so we had to do something that demonstrated the confidence of a market leader. We also wanted the commercial to be very different from the advertising you usually see in this sector, just as we feel the print work already is.

We thought it fitted the brand well to use computer animation to sell computers themselves. With Toshiba being the market leaders, we were able to appropriate the laptop generic - mobility - and simply dramatise it, by making the portable PC into a "character" and having it fly through the skies out of London and into New York.

While keeping to a very strong, strategic basis, we feel we've been very creative: there's a heroic feeling to the whole thing, with its echoes of freedom and travel. It's a glorious piece of film-making, and makes use of techniques even more sophisticated than those in Toy Story.