Current Google Insights Trends: consumer electronics

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Consumer electronics dominate the trending search terms of the past seven days on December 31.

While NORAD's Santa Tracker remains in first place, possibly due to the strength of the term exactly seven days ago on Christmas Eve, the other terms all relate to electronics, with Apple products getting a strong boost in the post-Christmas period.

Electronics retailers feature prominently, with Canadian electronics giant Future Shop boosted in search volume by over 90 percent over the past seven days. Future Shop stated on December 22 that it expected 5.5 million visitors to the site for the Boxing Day promotions, making purchases equivalent to 35 store locations. British retailer Currys retains its position in the list, rising five places to fourth from yesterday, whilst British household goods reseller John Lewis also appears in sixth place. Both stores have extensive and well-publicised post-Christmas sales.

iTunes-related queries ("itunes download", "itunes") hold second and third place, with "iPod Touch" in seventh place. Peer-to-peer file sharing program Limewire has risen two places to eighth.

Holiday communication is also a popular search, with Skype also a rising search trend, taking ninth and tenth place with "skype download" and "skype" respectively. Skype carries around eight percent of global international calling minutes and allows free voice and video calls, enhancing its popularity among expats and military personnel over the Christmas period.

The search terms with the most significant growth worldwide in the last seven days as measured by Google Insights, recorded on December 31 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. santa tracker +1,500%
2. itunes download +140%
3. itunes +120%
4. currys +100%
5. future shop +90%
6. john lewis +80%
7. ipod touch +80%
8. limewire +60%
9. skype download +50%
10. skype +50%