Current Google Insights trends: 'New Moon,' Black Friday

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Searches for New Moon, the second film in the Twilight saga, are increasing on Google Insight's list of trending topics on November 23.

Searches for the film's title have been rising over the week as people across the world trawl the web for New Moon reviews, cinema screening times, and places where they can watch the movie trailer online.

People are also using Google to search for websites that enable them to download the movie or to stream pirated copies of the film.

The vampire teen flick has been breaking box office records, with first day earnings estimated to be around $72.7 million in the US.

People in the US have started to search for the term "Black Friday" in the lead-up to the much-awaited sales that take place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday takes place on November 27 this year. Some retailers are advertising their Black Friday sale prices on the web, resulting in an increase of searches for the term.

The search terms with the most significant growth worldwide in the last seven days as measured by Google Insights, recorded on November 23 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. new moon (+150%)
2. black friday 2009 (+130%)
3. black friday (+120%)
4. taylor lautner (+110%)
5. cricinfo (+110%)
6. debenhams (+90%)
7. twilight (+70%)
8. robert pattinson (+40%)
9. pole emploi (+40%)
10. pages jaunes (+40%)