Current Google Insights trends: Wikileaks posts clasified military video, Masters

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A classified US military video reportedly showing the US military killing around 10 Iraqis and two Reuters news staff was released by Wikileaks last week. Media attention surrounding the released video has led to "Wikileaks" becoming the top search term on Google Insights on the morning of April 12.

People in the United Kingdom were searching for live coverage and results from this week's Grand National - a well known National Hunt horse race that takes place in the UK every year, propelling "Grand National 2010" into second place.

Mexican-based searches for the National Register of Mobile Phone Users acronym "Renaut," short for "Registro Nacional de Usuarios de Telefonía Móvil" in Spanish, have driven the term into third place. Cell phone users in Mexico were required to register by this weekend, under a new government policy designed to reduce the use of untraceable phones in crimes like kidnapping. Users who did not register were faced with suspension of service.

"Telcel," the name of Mexico's largest mobile phone carrier is also trending in the charts at fifth place, just behind searches for the term "Masters" - a competitive golf tournament held in the USA, which was also the first such event that Tiger Woods participated in after a five-month absence sparked by reports of infidelity.

The Spanish language version of Yahoo!, "" ranks at number six while the Polish web portal follows one place behind in seventh place.

The search terms with the most significant growth worldwide in the last seven days as measured by Google Insights, recorded on April 12 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. wikileaks (+2,300%)
2. grand national 2010 (+1,500%)
3. renaut (+1,250%) ("Registro Nacional de Usuarios de Telefonía Móvil" in Spanish)
4. masters (+450%)
5. telcel (+300%)
6. (+50%)
7. (+50%)
8. ipad (+50%)
9. sncf (+40%)
10. hotmail iniciar sesion (+40%) ("Hotmail login" in Spanish)