Current Twitter trends: Apple, Katy Perry, Steve Jobs

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Tweets about Steve Jobs' "magical and revolutionary" tablet are sweeping through Twitter on the morning of January 28.

Apple's iPad was announced on January 27 at a keynote event in San Francisco. The device is receiving both very positive and negative feedback on the social networking site on the morning of January 28.

Users' comments on Twitter range from,"Note to #Apple: useless novelty gadgets are only fun when they do not cost an arm and a leg" to "OK. I might sound like an #Apple fanboy, but #iPad rocks. Apple custom built the CPU which apparently contains the OS, sweet!"

A second Apple-related announcement has catapulted the term "iPhone" into the number six position on Twitter's most talked about topics. A company called iCall announced that Apple had released an update to their iPhone developer SDK (Software Development Kit) that will now allow application developers to create programs for the iPhone (and possibly the iPad) that use VoIP with cellular networks.

This means people will be able to make internet-based calls with programs like Skype and iCall over their 3G or Edge connections (as opposed to just over WiFi).

A tweet from celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has got Twitter tongues wagging on January 28. The blogger, who has become almost as famous as the stars he posts about, tweeted, "Have you seen Katy Perry's vagina tonight???" His message caused a whirlwind of "not safe for work" Katy Perry tweets from people across the world.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on January 28 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #imthetypeto (new)
2. #nowplaying (-1)
3. Katy Perry's (new)
4. Haiti (+1)
5. #Apple (+1)
6. iPhone (new)
7. Cilic (new)
8. Shorty Award (new)
9. Goodnight (new)
10. Steve Jobs (new)