Current Twitter trends: Australia's new prime minister, 'shows we need back,' John Isner

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The name of Australia's first female prime minister, "Julia Gillard," is at the top of Twitter's trending topics on the morning of June 24.

"Julia Gillard becomes Australia's first female prime minister after former PM Kevin Rudd stands aside from a party ballot", "I don't want Julia Gillard as PM, I want Kevin Rudd back. Felt v[ery] bad for him watching his speech this morning. Poor guy. What backstabbers!", "Well can't wait till Julia Gillard gets her period and declares war on Indonesia" and "Good Luck to our new Prime Minister Julia Gillard," tweet Australian microbloggers about the sudden change of leadership in the country.

The last name of former Australian Prime Minister (Kevin) "Rudd" is in seventh place.

The memes "#showsweneedback" and "#yournotmytype" are in second and third place.

The name of American comedy-drama TV show Boy Meets World is in fourth place and the name of American animated television series CatDog is in ninth place thanks to the "#showsweneedback" trending topic.

The "#worldcup" topic moves down one place to number five, "Vuvuzela" gains three places to number six and "Wimbledon" jumps back onto the charts in eighth place.

Professional tennis player John "Isner" measures up in tenth place after playing the longest recorded tennis match against France's Nicolas Mahut in the 2010 Wimbledon tournament.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 24 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Julia Gillard (new)
2. #showsweneedback (new)
3. #yournotmytype (new)
4. Boy Meets World (new)
5. #worldcup (-1)
6. Vuvuzela (+3)
7. Rudd (new)
8. Wimbledon (new)
9. Catdog (new)
10. Isner (new)