Current Twitter trends: 'Awesome Indian Things,' I'm curious, Paris

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"Awesome Indian Things" is the most popular topic of conversation on microblogging site Twitter on Monday, February 22.

Twitter users are blogging about the Indian things they love: foods, national pastimes, Bollywood, yoga and cricket.

"Apu from The Simpsons", "Goa and om beaches," and "Organised chaos!" are some of the awesome Indian things Twitter users are talking about on the morning of February 22.

The "Nowplaying" hashtag remains in position number two, followed closely behind by "I'm curious."

February 22 tweets that incorporate the "I'm curious" hashtag include, "#imcurious why I get so hungry if i stay up 2 late but I'm not hungry when I wake up," "#imcurious if I could survive 8th grade algebra", and "#imcurious Why are elderly people called 'old people', but kids aren't called 'new people'?"

The city of Paris is trending in Twitter's most talked about topics list at number 10. People are talking about Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber's arrival in the 'city of love' on February 22. 

Bieber took to his Twitter account to share the news of his arrival in France saying, "good morning Paris...the most romantic city in the world. solid place for a date."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on February 22 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #AwesomeIndianThings (new)
2. #nowplaying (unchanged)
3. #imcurious (new)
4. #wegotogetherlike (new)
5. #followmonday (new)
6. National Bullying (new)
7. #ItsFunnyHow (new)
8. iPad (new)
9. Justin Bieber (-1)
10. Paris (new)