Current Twitter trends: bedroom turn-ons, the number of 3G iPads sold

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The music- and video-related term"#nowplaying" is back in its number one position on May 3 after rising two places up the charts over the weekend.

Twitter users think Monday is as good a day as any to be honest with each other. "#LetsBeHonest" is in second position in Twitter's most talked about topics.

"#BedRoomTurnOns" is in third place. Want to get a Twitter user into bed? Try some of these user-suggested favorite bedroom turn-ons: "thunderstorms in the background," "role playing," "high heels, fish nets, and maybe a little leather," "fresh out of the shower," and "scented candlelights".

The name of Canadian singer Justin Bieber is on a downwards trend dropping two places to number four.

The betting stakes are rising as Twitter users wage five dollars on posts with the hashtag "ibetyou5dollars."

People are also talking about the names of others they could never date using the hashtag "icouldneverdate."

A tweet by technology blog Mashable is making the Twitter rounds this morning. "300,000 iPads 3G Sold on Launch Weekend [ESTIMATE]," wrote Mashable. The number of retweets have seen "Launch Weekend" and "iPads 3G Sold" enter the chart in seventh and ninth place respectively.

Tweets about things that will get you killed ("#willgetyoukilled) are trending in eighth position while the Indonesian saying "#HahaGueBanget" (Translation in English: "That's very me") measures in at number ten.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on May 3 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (+2)
2. #LetsBeHonest (new)
3. #BedRoomTurnOns (new)
4. Justin Bieber (-2)
5. #ibetyou5dollars (new)
6. #icouldneverdate (new)
7. Launch Weekend (new)
8. #willgetyoukilled (new)
9. iPads 3G Sold (new)
10. #HahaGueBanget (new)