Current Twitter trends: 'best feeling,' ‘'worst feeling' and 'Modern Warfare 2'

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On November 10, Twitter is buzzing with people's 'best' and ‘worst' feelings. From 'eating a chocolate chip cookie' to 'going home' as providing their 'best feeling' and 'going on Twitter and not having very many followers' as giving them the 'worst feeling.'

Modern Warfare 2 continues to make news as gamers are now tweeting about their first impressions of the game.

Quotes and well-known sayings from the 'hood' are also being tweeted. 'Yo mamma' jokes, curse words and derogatary sayings are also accompanying this Twitter term. 

Google Wave is gathering tweets with a few fake invitation offers still online. Others are still asking for invites.

The ten most talked about topics on Twitter on November 10 at 9:30 AM GMT are :

1.#bestfeeling (new)
2.#worstfeeling (new)
3.Modern Warfare 2 (+7)
4.MW2 (short for Modern Warfare 2) (new)
5.#famoushoodquotes (new)
6.Google Wave (new)
7.COD (new)
8.#smcsyd (new)
9.#newempire (new)
10.Goodnight (new)