Current Twitter trends: Cedric Diggory, LeBron James, Paul the Octopus picks Spain to win World Cup match

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The name of Cedric Diggory, a character from the Harry Potter films played by English actor Robert Pattinson, is the top trending topic on Twitter on the morning of July 7.

"Voldemort is truly evil. He turned Cedric Diggory into Edward Cullen" say people on Twitter hinting at the actor's transformation from a good school boy in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire into Edward Cullen, a vampire in Twilight.

A tweet on American rapper Fabolous' (@myfabolouslife) Twitter page has been converted into two different trending topics this morning. Playing the "#WhoWins" meme game, Fabolous asked his followers, "#WhoWins Red Lobster biscuits vs. Outback brown bread?"

"Red Lobster biscuits" has since moved into second place on the charts. "#whowins" has also become a trending topic and is now in third place.

The meme "#theresalwaysthat1" is new in fourth place whilst American TV series " Pretty Little Liars" follows one place behind.

One year after the release of his first single, "One Time," Justin Bieber fans are celebrating with the hashtag "onetimeanniversary."

The name of American basketball player "LeBron James" is in seventh place. LeBron James joined Twitter on July 6 with the alias @KingJames, managing to pick up in excess of 200,000 fans in just one day.

The World Cup is still buzzing in the microblogs. The Spanish word for Germany, "Alemania" is in eighth place and the Dutch word for Germany, "Duitsland" ranks in tenth place.

"Pulpo", Spanish for octopus, is also trending because of the World Cup. Germany's famous sea creature "Paul the Octopus" has been predicting the outcome of Germany's World Cup games with a surprisingly high success rate. His latest prediction suggests that Spain will win the July 7 game against Germany.

"You know España is desperate when they trust el pulpo pual instead of themselves. Fear the Counter of mighty Alemania!!!" tweeted one German football fan.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on July 7 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Cedric Diggory (new)
2. Red Lobster biscuits (new)
3. #whowins (new)
4. #theresalwaysthat1 (new)
5. Pretty Little Liars (re-entry)
6. #onetimeanniversary (new)
7. LeBron James (new)
8. Alemania (new)
9. Pulpo (new)
10. Duitsland (new)