Current Twitter trends: 'do you mind', Music Monday, 'Bad Romance'

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The term "do you mind... (#doyoumind)" is the hottest trending topic on Twitter on the morning of October 19.

Twitter users are using their 140 characters to pose questions that include the term, "Do you mind..."

"#doyoumind staying out of my life from now on...thank you", comments one user. Another asks, "#doyoumind that there are some habits that can't be changed?"

The weekly trend of "#musicmonday" is back in action this Monday, October 19, with members of the popular microblogging site suggesting new music, bands and musicians that might appeal to their Twitter followers. To recommend music Twitter users include the name of the artist or song in their post along with the term #musicmonday.

On October 19 people on Twitter are recommending their followers listen to a new song by American popstress Lady Gaga. The song, entitled Bad Romance became a trending topic after a Lady Gaga fan site,, posted the track on their website and asked users to tweet about it.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on October 19 at 8:30 AM GMT are:

1. #doyoumind (new)
2. #musicmonday (new)
3. Bad Romance (new)
4. #moviesturnedxxx (new)
5. #BeatCancer (new)
6. Google Wave (new)
7. Paranormal Activity (-4)
8. Goodnight (unchanged)
9. Halloween (unchanged)
10. Balloon Boy (new)