Current Twitter trends: 'Fat girl remix', 'Follow Friday', Fort Hood

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The most talked about topic on Twitter is "#fatgirlremix" at 8:30 AM GMT on November 6.

People are appropriating song titles and lyrics, modifying them to relate to food, over-eating or obesity, and posting them to their Twitter accounts. Some of the new "#fatgirlremixes" created by Twitter users are, "don't - push - me - I'm - too - close - to - the - veg!", "Black Eyed Peas: Eat Me Halfway," "everything I do, I do it for food" and "your love's got me lookin' for chicken right now - Beyonce 'crazy in l'oven.'"

The term Follow Friday continues to make an appearance in Twitter's trending topics on Friday, November 6. Every Friday people on the microblogging site take the opportunity to suggest interesting Twitter users or Lists of people to follow.

On Thursday November 5 a military psychiatrist named Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly shot and killed thirteen people at one of the largest American military installation in the world. 30 additional people were left injured after Hasan opened fire on co-workers at Fort Hood just days before they were due to be deployed in Afghanistan.

People on Twitter are posting their condolences for the family and friends of those killed and injured at Fort Hood. "Our prayers go out to the families of those killed at Ft. Hood yesterday ..." tweeted one user.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on November 6 at 8:30 AM GMT are:

1. #fatgirlremix (new)
2. Follow Friday (new)
3. Google Wave (+4)
4. Fort Hood (new)
5. New Moon (new)
6. I Did Every Horrible (new)
7. Goodnight (-1)
8. #myheritage (new)
9. #beforeiselfdestruct (new)
10. Zynga CEO Mark (new)