Current Twitter trends: FIFA World Cup and the vuvuzela, Jimmy Dean, Microsoft's Project Natal gets renamed Kinect

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"FIFA World Cup" has moved up the charts to take the No. 1  position on Twitter's trending topics chart on the morning of June 14.

Twitter users have their eyes firmly fixed on the TV screens (and their fingers glued to the keyboard) as football teams from around the world go head to head in the 2010 World Cup. Third place topic, "#worldcup" joins "FIFA World Cup" on the trending topic charts Monday morning as one of the top ways to post about the soccer matches.

Football fans and players alike have been complaining about the constant blaring of the "vuvuzela" (stadium horns) during the games. People on Twitter have taken to their accounts to post their opinions about the noisy "blowing horns" saying, "After 1 weekend Europe wants to ban the vuvuzela- if only they acted this fast when banning slavery," "What's more annoying? The sound, or that people keep saying the word 'vuvuzela'?" and "think I'm the only person who likes the #vuvuzelas at #worldcup. Much better than a quiet stadium with drunken fans singing rubbish songs."

"Vuvuzela" is in sixth place while World Cup team "Denmark" is currently in eighth place.

The meme, "#youneedtoundersand," ranks in second place as microbloggers explain to others what they need to understand and"#whywouldyou" is in fifth place.

The name of American country music singer and "sausage entrepreneur," Jimmy Dean, is in fourth place. The businessman passed away at age 81 on June 13.

Microsoft's project Natal has officially been named "Kinect" for Xbox 360. The "controller-free device designed to bring people together to share gaming and entertainment" was unveiled at the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles and is now in seventh place on Twitter's charts.

American action adventure film A-Team remains unchanged in ninth place whist "Oil Spill" drops two places to number ten.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 14 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. FIFA World Cup (+1)
2. #youneedtounderstand (new)
3. #worldcup (+1)
4. Jimmy Dean (new)
5. #whywouldyou (new)
6. Vuvuzela (new)
7. Kinect (new)
8. Denmark (new)
9. A-Team (unchanged)
10. Oil Spill (-2)