Current Twitter trends: Follow Friday, 'Alice In Wonderland'

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It's "Follow Friday" in the Twittersphere on March 5 and microbloggers are using the hashtags "FF" and "FollowFriday" to recommend interesting Twitter users to their friends. 

"#FF" is the most talked about topic this morning while its wordier sibling, "#FollowFriday" is number four on Twitter's trending topics list.

Sex is also making people talk this morning. People are tweeting about the (weird and wonderful) places they would like to have sex, driving the term "#PlacesIWannaHaveSex" into second place.

Relationships are driving Twitter conversations, too. The hashtag "MeWithoutYouIsLike" has jumped into the charts at number three while "#HowYouAManBut" is trending in fifth place.

Tim Burton's film adaptation of Lewis Carroll's  Alice In Wonderland made its public debut in US cinemas on March 5. People on Twitter are talking about the film saying, "Alice in wonderland is amazing! Must see in imax 3 D!" and "Loved "Alice in Wonderland"!!! I want to go see it again and i'm just getting home from watchin it."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 5 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #FF (new)
2. #PlacesIWannaHaveSex (new)
3. #MeWithoutYouIsLike (new)
4. #FollowFriday (new)
5. #HowYouAManBut
6. #everydayiwakeup  (new)
7. #letsbereal  (new)
8. Alice In Wonderland  (new)
9. #itsnotcool  (-4)
10. Goodnight  (new)