Current Twitter trends: Follow Friday, BBC spending cuts, 'save BBC6 Music'

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The weekly meme of Follow Friday is back in the top of Twitter's trending topics on February 26.

The hashtags "FF" and "FollowFriday" are second and third on Twitter's list of most talked about topics following closely behind the ever popular "#nowplaying."

"#Thingswewantback" measures up at number four, while Korean boy band fans are wishing Super Junior member Eunhyuk a speedy recovery with the term "#getwellsooneunhyuk" in fifth place.

BBC is trending at number six. British Twitter users are up in arms over reports that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) will shut down two radio stations and halve its web presence to curb the company's budget by £600 million.

"Can't believe the BBC are closing 6Music it's the one thing I didn't mind paying for!!" and "BBC 6Music is the only radio station I've ever enjoyed listening to! Without it radio is pretty much dead to me" tweeted users upset by the BBC news.

"Most of the BBC's spending cuts seem totally reasonable to me," posted another British user on his Twitter account. "The organisation needs to be leaner and more focused, so it can be stronger."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on February 26 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. #FF (new)
3. #FollowFriday (new)
4. #thingswewantback (new)
5. #getwellsooneunhyuk (new)
6. BBC (new)
7. #hbu (new)
8. #saveBBC6Music (new)
9. GoodNight (new)
10. #heythisisfact (new)