Current Twitter trends: Google Buzz, Iran Election

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"Now playing (#nowplaying)" maintains its position at the top of Twitter's trending topics on February 11.

Twitter users have started to test Google's new real-time social networking tool, Google Buzz. Most users have been comparing it to their experience on Twitter and feedback is mixed. 

"First impression! #buzz is neat and fast like gmail. And it's kinda nice to socialize from your inbox," exclaimed one happy user. Others were not so excited by the service claiming, "Google Buzz is just another doomed Twitter copycat like Yahoo Meme and Friendfeed."

Those that have tried Google Buzz (or are avid technology blog readers) are also pointing out a privacy flaw. As a default, Google Buzz automatically sets up your list of followers and people you follow and makes this list public for everyone to see. The list is built according to the frequency with which you email and chat with your Gmail contacts. Those that you contact most often will be the people you are automatically set up to follow. 

"All anyone needs to know about Google Buzz- Go to bottom of your Gmail page - Click 'Turn off Buzz' - et Voila you have your life back," tweeted a user who was not satisfied with Google Buzz.

The  term "#Iranelection" has bounced back into Twitter's trending topics at number four, after a long absence in the top ten list. On February 11, rallies were taking place in Iran to mark the 31st anniversary of that country's revolution.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on February 11 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. Google Buzz (+2)
3. #happybdaychansung (new)
4. #Iranelection (new)
5. Antasari (new)
6. #AwkwardSituation (new)
7. #petpeeve (new)
8. MNIK (new)
9. #FamousLastWords (new)
10. #whatsworsethan (new)