Current Twitter trends: Google vs China, Haiti earthquake

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Google's January 12 decision to stop censoring search results on in China has drawn strong reactions from microbloggers on January 13. Streams of tweets are being posted on Twitter demonstrating both positive and negative feedback towards the company's bold move.

The majority of tweets with the term #GoogleCN are being created by microbloggers living in China on the morning of January 13.

Many Chinese social networkers using the real-time service are expressing gratitude to Google for their decision. Others are concerned about how the Chinese government might react to the news and worry that Google may be forced to cease all business in the country.

Tweets also warn that many Chinese-based internet providers are censoring news coverage of Google's decision in China in the hope of limiting the spread of information across the country.

"China Web portals began limiting coverage of Google's threat to leave the China market," reported one Twitter user located in China while another said "Outside #GoogleCN office today-employees reportedly sent home."

Despite the breaking news, "#nowplaying" remains in the top position on Twitter's list of trending topics on January 13 as people tweet about the music and movies they are listening to.

The Caribbean nation of Haiti was struck by an earthquake on January 12 and has been a subject of discussion on Twitter on the morning of January 13.

Concerned citizens are posting information about the quake and encouraging people to help those most affected. Tweets with the term "YELE" urge people to donate to a Haiti aid organization

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on January 13 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. #uksnow (new)
3. YELE (new)
4. #dontfollowmeif (new)
5. #pleaseexplainwhy (-2)
6. #omgfacts (-2)
7. #GoogleCN (new)
8. Google (new)
9. #TeamConan (new)
10. Help Haiti (new)