Current Twitter trends: Google Wave, 'A real wife'

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Google Wave has shot back up into the top of Twitter's list of trending topics on the morning of Friday, November 13.

Internet giant Google has been successfully using viral marketing to promote its new social networking software called Google Wave. Twitter users not yet signed up to Google Wave continue to ask their friends, followers and anyone who will listen for invites to the service that lets you collaborate in real-time on emails, documents and IM chats. 

"Follow Friday" - a meme that is usually in the top of Twitter's trending topics on Friday - has been pushed out of the number one spot by Google Wave and two other topics, "#05starbarbie" and "a real wife (#ARealwife)," on November 13.

"#05starbarbie" is the user name of an American Twitter user. Microbloggers in the US are commenting about her looks.

People on Twitter are also discussing the things that make a woman "a real wife," saying "#arealwife takes care of her husband and children," "#arealwife knows in order to b a QUEEN she must treat him like a KING" and "#arealwife seems much more efficient than one made of cardboard."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on November 13 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Google Wave (+3)
2. #05starbarbie (new)
3. #ARealwife (new)
4. Follow Friday (new)
5. #youknowyouruglyif (new)
6. Modern Warfare 2 (-1)
7. MW2 (-4) (short for Modern Warfare 2)
8. Goodnight (unchanged)
9. #donttrytoholla (-8)
10. #wecoolandallbut (-8)