Current Twitter trends: Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga

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Posts about the Grammy Awards are sweeping through Twitter on the morning of February 1.

The high-profile music awards night was held on Sunday, January 31. According to Twitter users Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga stole the awards show.

"Lady Gaga and Elton John duet highlight of Grammys show but Beyoncé and Taylor Swift win big," wrote one Twitter user.

Four-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift took to her Twitter account to talk about the Grammys. "I will remember this night, this celebration, the screaming and hugging of people I love. The words on cards of hotel room good luck roses..."

Lady Gaga also shared the news of her big win at the Grammys with her fans. "We won big tonight little monsters, I am so proud to make music 4 you. I hope I continue to inspire u the way u inspire me. You're everything," wrote the singer on her Twitter account.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on February 1 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #peoplepleasestop (new)
2. #hbu (new)
3. Grammys (new)
5. Grammy's (new)
6. #jumpoffabridge (new)
7. Taylor Swift (new)
8. Grammy Awards (new)
9. #ThatsAViolation (new)
10. Lady Gaga (new)