Current Twitter trends: 'Happy Birthday Kevin,' 'Keep the wave going'

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The term " Happy Birthday Kevin (#HappyBirthdayKevin)" is the most talked about topic on Twitter on the morning of November 5. 

The term has risen to the top of Twitter's trending topics as there are an overwhelming number of people on the microblogging site wishing the eldest Jonas Brother, Kevin Jonas, happy birthday. 

The American singer and actor, famous for his role in the pop-rock band the Jonas Brothers, turned 22 on November 5.

A cry of "Keep the wave going" has been spreading through the social networking site on the morning of November 5. For once, this wave does not refer to Google Wave -- a communications tool that has been a popular topic of discussion on Twitter for months. 

People on Twitter are using their 140 characters to spread a text-based "Mexican Wave" through the social network and requesting people continue to 'pass it on'. 

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on November 5 at 6:00 AM GMT are:

1. #HappyBirthdayKevin (new)
2. KEEP THE WAVE GOing (new)
3. World Series (new)
4. #MusicSpeaks (new)
5. #TEDIndia (new)
6. Goodnight (new)
7. Google Wave (+1)
8. A-Rod (new)
9. New York Yankees (new)
10. Kevin (new)