Current Twitter trends: Happy Earth Day, Nick Clegg, Melbourne Storm

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"#nowplaying" is once again Twitter's trending topic favorite. The music-related term retains its number one position on the morning of April 22.

Microbloggers are wishing everyone a "Happy Earth Day", pledging their support for the planet and describing some of their earth-saving initiatives they plan to take on.

"Happy Earth Day! A very reasonable excuse to finish early and switch off all electrics and reduce energy:)", "Today is a great day to go outside & appreciate nature, or even better-find ways to help the environment - recycle it all", ""Be good and pick up some trash today: A pile of dog poop, cans, bottles, anything!" and "In honor of Earth Day, I will continue my long-standing tradition of NOT clubbing baby seals" say people pushing the term into second place.

"What will you do to make our little blue planet a bit greener today?", ask others.

The hashtags "FemalesWill", "MenWill", and "WomenWill" (in third, fourth and seventh place respectively) are being used across the Twittersphere to describe what men and women will do.

The name of British leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, is trending at number five. The politician will go head to head with other British leaders in a TV debate later tonight.

The hashtag "itsbetterwhen" is trending in sixth place as people state what makes things better for them. The name of Twitter-sweetheart and Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber, has dropped three places to number eight.

People in Australia are discussing the decision to strip Melbourne's professional rugby league club, "Melbourne Storm", of three minor premiership and 2 major premiership wins after it was discovered many players were paid more than is specified in their official salary cap.

"Melbourne Storm" ranks at number nine, just ahead of "#twowordcombos".

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 22 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. Happy Earth Day (new)
3. #FemalesWill (new)
4. #MenWill (new)
5. Nick Clegg (new)
6. #itsbetterwhen (new)
7. #WomenWill (new)
8. Justin Bieber (-3)
9. Melbourne Storm (new)
10. #twowordcombos (new)