Current Twitter trends: how much music artists earn, 'song prequels', Icelandic volcano

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The term "#nowplaying" has sprung back into the top position on Twitter's trending topics list after one day at number two.

"Re-Tweet If" has taken over the second place as people encourage their followers to retweet their posts if they agree with them or feel the same way about something.

The hashtag "theresnothinglike" has moved up one position to number three as people tweet about the things that can't be topped.

A post by technology blog Mashable is spreading through the Twittersphere this morning. Their article, "How Much do Music Artists Earn Online" visualizes the number of records and CDs artists need to sell per month in order to earn a minimum wage. "Music Artists Earn" is trending at number four.

The name of Canadian singer Justin Bieber is on its way up the charts again Thursday, jumping up two places to number five. The mixtape "Kush and Orange Juice" written by American rapper Wiz Khalifa was released as a free online download on April 14; "#Kushandorangejuice" has since risen to the sixth position in Twitter's trending topics.

Microbloggers are playing the game of "#songprequels" Thursday. Tweets including the term "#songprequels are suggesting song names that might have never left the drafting table. The term is also used to share the names of fictitious songs that precede popular hit songs, such as "Walkin' up the steps to Heaven's door."

A volcanic eruption in Iceland has resulted in hundreds of locals being evacuated and European flights being canceled due to large ash clouds in the air. Twitter users are posting links to photos of the iconic eruption (a few of the best can be seen here and talking about the flight cancellations. "Icelandic" is trending in ninth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 15 at 09:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (+1)
2. Re-Tweet If (new)
3. #theresnothinglike (+1)
4. Music Artists Earn (new)
5. Justin Bieber (+2)
6. #kushandorangejuice (new)
7. #songprequels (new)
8. #Dontbeasucker (new)
9. Icelandic (new)
10. #np (new)