Current Twitter trends: I ?, 'BeastSHOCK', YouTube Service Unavailable

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"I ?" has jumped into the top of the most talked about topics list on Twitter on Thursday, March 25.

Twitter users are spreading love around the Twittersphere by sharing the names of items and people they love.

I ?: "music and everything related to it," "my pay checks at the end of each month," "chocolate cake" and "my Twitter account and my followers" say people using Twitter.

The "nowplaying" hashtag has dropped one place to number two, followed by the term "#beastSHOCK."

"BeastSHOCK" is a term being used to congratulate Korean Boy Band "Beast" on their win at the Korean MNET Countdown music sales competition.

Consumers trying to watch videos on the video sharing site YouTube were met with a "Service Unavailable" message this morning. Many of them turned to Twitter to share the error message and to ask their friends if they had experienced the same problem.

According to technology blog,the service has been down since 7am Eastern Time this morning.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 25 at 12:00 AM GMT are:

1. I ? (new)
2. #nowplaying (-1)
3. #beastSHOCK (new)
4. #sometimesiwonder (new)
5. #idoit2 (new)
6. Service Unavailable (new)
7. #itsREALLYannoying (new)
8. Twivert's (new)
9. #arabnetme (new)
10. Persija (new)