Current Twitter trends: 'I grew up on,' 2012

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Talking about the things you used to do when you were young "#igrewupon" is the current top trend in the Twittersphere on the morning of December 11.

Twitter users are talking about the things that influenced them and have helped them grow into the person they are today, using the term "#igrewupon" to categorize their tweets.

"#igrewupon super mario, GREAT hip hop, and 1 cent candies all day," reminisced one user. Other people tweeted that they grew up on, "my parents being together," "mixtapes," "Cross Colors" and "The Ninja Turtle ice creams from the ice cream truck."

Apocalyptic blockbuster 2012 is back into the trending topics on Twitter on the morning of December 11, however the trend seems to be caused by spambots advertising a link to download the movie (among other things).

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 11 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #igrewupon (new)
2. Movie 2012 (new)
3. #menshouldnever (new)
4. #nowplaying (-2)
5. #womenshouldnever (new)
6. Shaq Retires (new)
7. Jersey Shore (new)
8. #iaintafraidtosay (-8)
9. #collegehumor (new)
10. Christmas (-4)