Current Twitter trends: 'I hope my next', 'sometimes it's better', 'Dear haters...'

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The term "#nowplaying" continues its reign in the top position on Twitter's list of most talked about topics on the morning of April 26.

"#IHopeMyNext" is in second place as people on Twitter talk about their hopes for their next partner.

"I hope my next" one is ... "is ready for some random traveling and spontaneous activities,""is hubby material","appreciates me, and realizes how great I am," "isn't afraid of peacocks," and "cooks me breakfast in bed," say microbloggers dreaming of their next partner.

Curious Twitter users are asking questions about the things they don't understand when they include the "PleaseTellMeWhy" hashtag. The term enters Twitter's trending topics at number three Monday.

Twitter's favorite Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, has moved up four places into fourth position.

People on Twitter using the "#sometimesitsbetter" meme are telling their followers that "sometimes it's better" ... "to sit back & watch people so you can see their true colors," "to be single" or to "give up on something before losing even more."

The term "#ihatequotes" is trending in sixth place in front of the meme "He'll be back".

Microbloggers are writing letters to "haters" in 140 characters, commencing with the words "Dear Haters."

The acronym for Indian Premier League (IPL) is in the charts at number nine, just ahead of "Foursquare," the name of a location-based social network.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 26 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. #IHopeMyNext (new)
3. #PleaseTellMeWhy (new)
4. Justin Bieber (+4)
5. #sometimesitsbetter (new)
6. #ihatequotes (new)
7. He'll Be Back (new)
8. Dear Haters (new)
9. IPL (new)
10. Foursquare (new)