Current Twitter trends: 'if hip hop was high school,' Kat Stacks, 'poor Rachel'

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Social networkers are speculating about what would happen if hip hop was a high school on the morning of Wednesday, June 2.

The phrase "#ifhiphopwashighschool" has reached the top of Twitter's most talked about topics chart as people tweet, "if hip hop was high school..." "...Wiz Khalifa would have all the test answers tattooed on his arm," "...(Jin da MC) would be teaching Chinese," and "...50 cent would be the one constantly developing methods of ripping off his mates."

The memes "#idontappreciate" and "#ihatefemaleswho" are new in the charts in second and third place, followed by the name of "kiss-and-tell hip hop groupie" Kat Stacks.

"Kat Stacks" is being thrown about the microblogs this morning in fourth place as Twitter users debate whether or not American rapper Fabolous sent two men to "slap her" in a bar after she reportedly shared his cell phone number with the world in a tweet.

Fans of the American musical/comedy/drama TV show Glee are sharing their sympathies for the character Rachel Berry with the term "Poor Rachel."

"This sinkhole is freaking me out" say people on Twitter posting pictures of the "unreal-looking" sinkhole in Guatemala. "Sinkhole" has jumped onto the charts in sixth place, followed by "Oil Spill" in seventh place.

"Follback", short for "follow back" is new in eighth place while the name of Yukio Hatoyama (aka "Hatoyama"), who resigned from his position as Japanese prime minister Wednesday, is ninth, and the abbreviated term for the recently released Prince of Persia movie, "Persia" is in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 2 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #ifhiphopwashighschool (new)
2. #idontappreciate (new)
3. #ihatefemaleswho (new)
4. Kat Stacks (new)
5. Poor Rachel (new)
6. Sinkhole (new)
7. Oil Spill (+2)
8. Follback (new)
9. Hatoyama (new)
10. Persia (new)