Current Twitter trends: 'I'm from team...', Moscow suicide bombers, Easter

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The term "#ImFromTeam..." has been catapulted into the top of Twitter's most popular topics on the morning of March 29.

Microbloggers are announcing their affinities and real or imagined communities by saying they're from "team leave me alone!", " team trendsetter", "team never been in love" and " team I hate Monday mornings," for example.

The "Nowplaying" hashtag remains in second place as people talk about the songs they are listening to while they type their 140 characters.

Moscow is trending in third position. Microbloggers are retweeting news headlines and sharing their reactions to the recent suicide bombings that took place in the Russian capital on March 29.

"Female suicide bombers set off huge subway blasts killing dozens in Moscow", "I hate terrorism. All my thoughts for the Russian people ands specially to the families of the victims in Moscow" and "Sorry for those who lost their lives in Moscow today" read Monday tweets about Moscow.

People are also talking about their zodiac sign, pushing "#ZodiacFact" into fourth place. "#IknewItWasLove" ranks at number five while "Im10secondsfrom" is trending at number six.

People across the world are starting their preparations for Easter, talking about what they will do during the public holiday or telling their friends they hope to eat lots of chocolate Easter eggs. The term "Easter" has entered the charts at number seven.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 29 at 09:30 AM GMT are:

1. #ImFromTeam (new)
2. #nowpLaying (unchanged)
3. Moscow (new)
4. #ZodiacFact (new)
5. #IknewItWasLove (new)
6. #im10secondsfrom (new)
7. Easter (new)
8. Justin Bieber (new)
9. #musicmonday (new)
10. Goodnight (new)