Current Twitter trends: 'Inception,' 'Despicable Me,' Mel Gibson

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On the morning of July 13, the Twittersphere is filling up with spam associated with the top trending topic on the social networking site RMK AO2.

"The only reason why RMK AO2 is trending is because everyone is asking 'what it means?' And I'm one of those.. WHAT THE HELL IS RMK AO2?" say Twitter users confused about why the term is trending.

The hashtags "deletemynumber," "highschoolconfession" and "collegeconfession" are trending in second, third and fourth place.

The name of new science fiction-thriller Inception is in the charts in fifth place as microbloggers post mini-reviews about the film.

" Inception turns the viewer into a participant. You can't afford to blink, or miss a second. A film that challenges its audience. Bravo!" tweeted one user who enjoyed the film.

Computer animated film Despicable Me is also getting rave reviews on Twitter. "Despicable" is in eighth place on the charts.

The World Cup may have finished but people on Twitter are still talking about the matches. The name of Spanish team captain Iker "Casillas" is sixth on the charts, the Dutch nickname for the Netherlands football team "Oranje" is in ninth place, and "Spain" is in tenth place.

People have been using Twitter as a forum to criticize Australian-American actor Mel Gibson for his (alleged) derogatory and racist "rants."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on July 13 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. RMK AO2 (new)
2. #deletemynumber (new)
3. #highschoolconfession (new)
4. #collegeconfession (new)
5. Inception (new)
6. Casillas (new)
7. Mel Gibson (new)
8. Despicable (new)
9. Oranje (re-entry)
10. Spain (re-entry)