Current Twitter trends: 'it's my addiction', India, 'Tshirt slogans'

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The term "#nowplaying" has moved back up into the top position on Twitter's trending topics list on the morning of April 21.

In number two, people are listing the things they are addicted to with the "#itsmyaddiction" meme.

The "ihatequotes" hashtag has moved up seven places to number three as people retweet quotes coming from the @ihatequotes user account.

"Breathing the air in Mumbai, India for just ONE DAY is equivalent to smoking 2.5 PACKS of cigarettes," says Twitter user @omgfacts (and more than 600 other users) helping "India" become a trending topic.

Other factors contributing to India's popularity on Twitter Wednesday include tweets about the Reserve Bank of India raising interest rates, the rising cost of foods and water shortages in the country, and Indian Premier League (IPL) teams being investigated over allegations of corruption.

The term "IPL" is also a trending topic on Twitter, coming in at number eight.

The name of Canadian singer Justin Bieber continues to be a hotly discussed subject on the microblogging site. "Justin Bieber" ranks fifth in the charts.

In at number six, people are tweeting ideas for T-shirt slogans saying, "It's Better To Lose A Lover Than To Love A Loser," "Student+Dying = Studying", "I'm awake and Dressed, What more do you want from me!","I'm not a map, stop asking for directions," and "are you still here?"

Hit TV show Glee is in seventh place with a Madonna-themed episode airing in the US April 20, while the hashtag "ForMyNextTrick" ranks at number nine.

The volcano-related "#ashtag" is just holding on to the tenth place, moving down two places since Tuesday.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 21 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (+1)
2. #itsmyaddiction (new)
3. #ihatequotes (+7)
4. India (new)
5. Justin Bieber (new)
6. #TshirtSlogans (new)
7. Glee (new)
8. IPL (new)
9. #ForMyNextTrick (new)
10. #ashtag (-2)