Current Twitter trends: "It's not okay," "now playing," "I love it when"

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Twitter users have been discussing the moral implications of a wide range of subjects on the morning of December 30, using the meme "#itsnotokay," which became the top trending topic.

The meme "it's not okay (#itsnotokay)" started with a tweet about children sold into prostitution, but Twitterers quickly moved on to other topics, with many tweets involving (consensual) sexual practices or just displaying some quick twitter wit.

A micro-blogging Casanova wrote, "#itsnotokay to try to seduce girls on twitter unless they don't mind being seduced, that being said- Hello Ladies lolz." Another user tweeted, "#itsNOTokay to friend request your mom on facebook," while someone else moaned, "#itsNOTokay 4 a 45 yearold man to sit up and play xbox until 3am."

Twitterers continue to share their musical tastes, using the term "#nowplaying."

The term "I love it when (#iloveitwhen)" hasn't moved from the third place of the trending topics list, and garners more positive tweets than the "#itsnotokay" meme. One contemplative user wrote, "#iloveitwhen it snows :)."

Other trending topics that may require an explanation include "NYE" (New Year's Eve), "#jonasmemories" (by which users share their stories about the Jonas Brothers), and "Gurita Cikeas," a book that was banned in Indonesia about the Century Bank Scandal.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 30 at 10:30 AM GMT are:

1. #itsnotokay (new)
2. #nowplaying (unchanged)
3. #iloveitwhen (unchanged)
4. NYE (new)
5. #jonasmemories (new)
6. Gurita Cikeas (new)
7. Goodnight (new)
8. Avatar (new)
9. Stop Misspelling (new)
10. Happy New Year (new)