Current Twitter trends: Jaden Smith, 'I confess,' Chris Brown and the BET awards

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The name of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's son, "Jaden Smith," has become the top trending topic on Twitter on the morning of June 17.

People on Twitter are talking about Jaden Smith's staring role in the martial arts remake of Karate Kid, a film released in the USA on June 11.

"#iconfess" is new in second place with Twitterers using their 140 characters to post confessions such as, "i want 2 adopt a white baby from a rich family & take it to the hood & give it a worse life," "I'm not always as happy as I pretend to be," "I press the snooze button until I have no other choice than to get up" and "I could be a better person."

Both "#worldcup" and "Vuvuzela" have moved up the chart over night, "#worldcup" is in now in third place and "Vuvuzela" is in fifth.

Singer Chris Brown is in the running for a BET (Black Entertainment Television) award and microbloggers are supporting him with the "betchris" hashtag. "#betchris" sits in between the two soccerrelated terms in fourth place.

"Oil Spill" moves up the chart two places to number six, 12-year-old YouTube music sensation "Greyson" Chance is in seventh place, and the shortened nickname for South Africa's soccer team "Bafana" is in eighth place.

Both "Karate Kid" and "Gulf" remain unchanged in ninth and tenth place respectively.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 17 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Jaden Smith (new)
2. #iconfess (new)
3. #worldcup (+2)
4. #betchris (new)
5. Vuvuzela (+1)
6. Oil Spill (+2)
7. Greyson (new)
8. Bafana (new)
9. Karate Kid (unchanged)
10. Gulf (unchanged)