Current Twitter trends: 'Kush will make...', Jonghyun, 'the real me'

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On April 8 "#nowplaying" sits at the top of Twitter's trending topics for the fifth day running, the music-related topic ever popular with microbloggers.

A new entry has jumped into second place this morning. The hashtag "#Kushwillmake" is being used to describe the effects of smoking or ingesting indica cannabis, or as the kids like to call it, "Kush."

"Jonghyun" is trending at number three. Jonghyun is the name of Korean boy band Shinee's lead singer. Twitter users are wishing the contemporary R&B singer a happy birthday via the social network.

Also in the trending topics is "#debill", short for the UK's newly passed Digital Economy Bill, in fourth place.

The real me "can't seem to let go of the past", "wants to marry an NHL, NBA or Tennis player, so my kid will be tall," "believes in accountability for one's actions" and "doesn't believe its a woman's job to take out trash," say Twitter users describing their real character with the hashtag "therealme."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 8 at 09:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. #Kushwillmake (new)
3. Jonghyun (new)
4. #debill (new)
5. #therealme (new)
7. #EverFeelLike (new)
8. #fallinginlove (new)
9. Justin Bieber (-2)
10. #ihatequotes (-2)