Current Twitter trends: 'Life is good when', 'Glee', earthquake in China

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The "good sex definition" hashtag "YouKnowUrSexGood" has surpassed "#nowplaying" to become the top most talked about topic on Twitter on the morning of April 14.

"#nowplaying" has been bumped out of its reign at the top of Twitter's charts and now comes in at number two.

"#LifeIsGoodWhen" is in third place. People on Twitter are discussing the things that make life good with the hashtag "LifeIsGoodWhen."

"Life is good when"... "you learn from your mistakes, laugh from it and do the right thing the next time", "there is love and trust" and when "you do something special for someone," say microbloggers.

"Aries New Moon" has risen to fifth place as people tweet their horoscopes.

The name of hit TV show Glee is back in Twitter's charts at number six. Fans can't get enough of the part musical, part comedy-drama TV show and are tweeting about Tuesday night's return of the series to US TV.

The name of Twitter darling and Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has moved up two places to number seven.

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake in China's western Qinghai province is also making headlines in the Twittersphere. "China" has moved into eighth place in the Twitter charts.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 14 at 09:30 AM GMT are:

1. #YouKnowUrSexGood (new)
2. #nowplaying (-1)
3. #LifeIsGoodWhen (new)
4. #theresnothinglike (new)
5. Aries New Moon (new)
6. Glee (new)
7. Justin Bieber (+2)
8. China (new)
9. Football Manager Now (new)
10. #DrakesEyebrows (new)