Current Twitter trends: Los Angeles Lakers win at the NBA Finals, death by firing squad, 'Jay is back'

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The Los Angeles Lakers' win against the Boston Celtics at the NBA (National Basketball Association) Finals in the USA is the talk of Twitter on the morning of June 18.

" Lizzie Mcguire Movie" tops the trending topics after the film aired on The Disney Channel in the USA.

"Ron Artest", the name of a Los Angeles Lakers player, is second on the list. Team member "Kobe Bryant" is in third place in the trending topics. The related NBA terms "Angeles Lakers" and NBA Finals are in seventh and tenth place respectively.

"Firing Squad" is in fourth place as Twitter users discuss the the morality of the execution of convicted murderer Ronnie Lee Gardner in the state of Utah.

The term "#worldcup" slides down one place to fifth, while both "#iconfess" and "Vuvuzela" move down the charts three places to sixth and ninth place respectively. 

Former Korean boy band front-man Park Jaebeom (also known as Jay Park) is reportedly returning to Korea after a nine-month absence from the country. Fans are very happy about the news and have taken to their Twitter accounts to say, "He went away with hatred JayisBack with fame. Goodluck Park Jaebeom.I will always support you (whether or not you did something)", "I can see him! haha. many cameras are there? lol JayIsBack!" and ""It was 9months of pain hoping Jay would back. And now Jayisback. So cheer up, don't ruin this day." "JayIsBack" is new on the charts in eighth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 18 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Lizzie Mcguire Movie
2. Ron Artest (new)
3. Kobe Bryant (new)
4. Firing Squad (new)
5. #worldcup (-1)
6. #iconfess (-3)
7. Angeles Lakers (new)
8. JayIsBack (new)
9. Vuvuzela (-3)
10. NBA Finals (new)