Current Twitter trends: Music Monday, 'Ain't nothing like', 'New Moon'

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The weekly meme "Music Monday (#musicmonday(" is trending again on the morning of Monday, November 23.

Twitter users are learning about new musicians and music that has been recommended to them by the people they follow on the social networking site.

The term "#musicmonday" is seeing a particularly high rate of use on Twitter this Monday as people are also using the term to tweet about the American Music Awards.

The American Music Awards took place on Sunday, November 22 and Twitter's list of trending topics for Monday is saturated with terms referencing the music event. "AMAs," "Adam Lambert," "Lady Gaga" and "American Music" are all hotly talked about subjects related to the American Music Awards on the microblogging site this morning.

People are also sharing their thoughts on the second movie in the popular teen-oriented Twilight saga. New Moon was released on November 20 in the US and has been smashing opening-day box office records in the US. The film is estimated to have grossed $72.7 million in the US on its first day.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on November 23 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #musicmonday (new)
2. #aintnothinglike (new)
3. New Moon (new)
4. Adam Lambert (new)
5. #happybirthdaymiley (new)
6. Jedward (new)
7. AMAs (new)
8. Lady Gaga (new)
9. Google Wave (new)
10. American Music (new)