Current Twitter trends: nowplaying, 'that's a no no,' 'worst feeling ever'

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After a couple of days' absence in the number one position, the term "#nowplaying" has shot back up into the top ranking in Twitter's list of most talked about topics on February 2.

Twitter users are updating their Twitter accounts with information about the music they are currently listening to.

The second most popular trending topic on Twitter this morning is the hashtag "That's a No No."

The meme is associated with posts demonstrating things Twitter users think others should not do. "Laughing at a funeral #thatsanono I shouldn't even have to explain myself on that one kids," "Naming a product the 'iPad'" and "dressing your pooch like Paris Hilton" are all things social networkers expressed a disdain for.

There is rising competition between the two memes "bestfeelingever" and "worstfeelingever" in the microblogging community on Tuesday. People are tweeting about their best and worst feelings, trying to propel the two terms higher up Twitter's list of trending topics.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on February 2 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (new)
2. #ThatsaNoNo (new)
3. iPad (new)
4. #IconicIndianAds (new)
5. #bestfeelingever (new)
6. #ohjustlikeme (new)
7. Haiti (new)
8. #worstfeelingever (new)
9. #sbir3q (new)
10. #ihatequotes (new)