Current Twitter trends: 'Onew' and 'Music Monday'

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Music is topping the Twitter trends on the morning of December 14 with fans wishing Happy Birthday to a member of a Korean boy band while other users tweet music suggestions for the weekly "Music Monday" trend.

Onew (#Onew), a member of the Korean boy band SHINee, turns 21 Monday, and his fans are tweeting their birthday wishes along with some of their favorite lyrics.

"Music Monday" is a weekly Twitter trend that gives Tweeters a chance to find and share music by listing a song they like alongside the meme. It's similiar to the term "Now Playing," the next most popular meme, which people use to tweet the name of the song they're currently listening to.

People are tweeting the newly trending meme "Will get you slapped" (#willgetyouslapped) to warn others about things that could result in hand-to-face contact.

"Drivin my car on a full tank and leavin it on empty for me to use #WillGetYouSlapped *Psh!* BEST fill that ish up!!" and "changin the song n MY CAR after u seen me singing #willgetyouslapped. lmao," said two users.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 14 at 10:00 AM GMT are:

1. #onew (new)
2. #musicmonday (new)
3. #nowplaying (new)
4. #willgetyouslapped (new)
5. Nexus One (new)
6. Dexter (new)
7. Christmas (+3)
8. #MM (new)
9. #pickone (new)
10. XMas (new)