Current Twitter trends: Pulpo Paul, Gonorrhea

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Germany's psychic octopus, "Pulpo Paul", is Twitter's most talked about topic on the morning of July 8 after the famous sea creature successfully predicted the outcome of the Germany vs Spain World Cup match on July 7.

"Paul the octopus" has become somewhat of an internet phenomenon, correctly picking the winner in six out of six of Germany's World Cup games. 

"Lizzie McGuire" is in second place after "Lizzie McGuire - Best Dressed For Much Less" re-aired on ABC TV in the US on July 7.

The memes "#gettocrayoncolors" and "#howtobeagoodbf" are in third and fourth place, just ahead of "LeBron James", an American basketball player. Fans on Twitter are anxiously awaiting James' July 8 announcement about which team he will choose to play for. An acronym for the player's name, "LBJ", is also in the charts in ninth place.

"#madrugadadeconfesiones," "early morning confessions" in Spanish, is back in the charts and trending in sixth place.

Spain is set to play the Netherlands in the World Cup finals on July 11. The Dutch word for Spain, "Spanje" is in seventh place. The Dutch word for champion, "Kampioen" is also in Twitter's most talked about topics in tenth place.

Most people on Twitter are not exactly sure why "Gonorrhea" (the name of a sexually transmitted infection) is sitting in eighth place on the charts this morning. Microbloggers are using their 140 characters to ask, "Why is gonorrhea trending?" Others have come up with a simple explanation, "Gonorrhea is trending because we keep asking ourselves why Gonorrhea is trending."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on July 8 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Pulpo Paul (new)
2. Lizzie McGuire (re-entry)
3. #ghettocrayoncolors (new)
4. #howtobeagoodbf (new)
5. LeBron James (+2)
6. #madrugadadeconfesiones (re-entry)
7. Spanje (new)
8. Gonorrhea (new)
9. LBJ (new)
10. Kampioen (new)