Current Twitter trends: 'top lies men tell,' Dutch elections, the Stanley Cup

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On the morning of June 10 the "topliesmentell" hashtag is spreading around the Twittersphere, quickly becoming the most talked about topic on the social networking site.

According to Twitter users the top lies men tell are: "my mom loves you", "no, I'm not cheating on you", "I'm on my way home right now," and "I Love you".

The topic "#topliesmentell" is followed by the memes "#lasttimeihadsex [last time I had sex...]" and "#ourfriendshipendedwhen [our friendship ended when ...]" in second and third place.

Twitter is full of chatter about the Dutch elections on the morning of June 10. The name of the Dutch Liberal party (the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) leader, Mark "Rutte," is in fourth place while the acronym for the his party ("VVD") is in seventh place. "PVV," short for the Dutch "Party for Freedom" is in fifth place and the name of PVV leader Geert "Wliders" is trending in ninth place. In tenth place is "Partij," the Dutch word for (political) party.

"Oil Spill" is back in the charts again in sixth place as people retweet satirical posts about the oil spill such as "I'm sad to report that the oil spill in the gulf has killed the Twitter Fail Whale. Take a minute to remember the good times it brought us."

Tweets congratulating the National Hockey League's Chicago Blackhawks on their win against the Philadelphia Flyers have driven the name of the ice hockey club trophy, the "Stanley Cup," into sixth place on the charts.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 10 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #topliesmentell (new)
2. #lasttimeihadsex (new)
3. #ourfriendshipendedwhen (new)
4. Rutte (new)
5. PVV (new)
6. Oil Spill (new)
7. VVD (new)
8. Stanley Cup (new)
9. Wilders (new)
10. Partij (new)