Current Twitter trends: Twitter goes down and users can't stop complaining

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On the morning of June 15 Twitter users are busily posting about what they did when the microblogging service was down: "#whiletwitterwasdown" is at the top of the trending topics.

At 11:51 PM PDT Twitter posted a message on their site status page saying, "We're recovering from the site outage. Remember, users may temporarily experience missing or duplicate tweets from their timelines. Normal timelines will be restored shortly," while microbloggers continued to talk about the outage.

"I found out why twitter was dead. The whale was stuck in oil," "#WhileTwitterWasDown a lot of people probably wanted to commit social twuicide" and "I was still on Twitter TRYING to tweet," tweeted users talking about how they occupied their time while the social networking site was down.

Twitter's "#failwhale" was the second most talked about topic. When the site goes down, users are confronted with an error message and an image of Twitter's "fail whale." The terms "Internal Server" (in fourth place), "Twitter Over Capacity" (in eighth place), "Stupid Twitter" (in ninth place) and the Spanish term for whale, "Ballena" also referenced Twitter's downtime. 

The position of the term "#worldcup" remains unchanged at third place, while talk about the noisy stadium horns being used by fans during the world cup has seen "Vuvuzela" move up the charts by one place.

Microsoft's controller-free gaming device"Kinect" (previously known as Project Natal) is up one place too, into sixth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 15 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #whiletwitterwasdown (new)
2. #failwhale (new)
3. #worldcup (unchanged)
4. Internal Server (new)
5. Vuvuzela (+1)
6. Kinect (+1)
7. Oil Spill (+3)
8. Twitter Over Capacity (new)
9. Stupid Twitter (new)
10. Ballena (new)