Current Twitter trends: 'What I did today,' Halloween, Michael Jackson

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Microbloggers are providing a snapshot of their daily life in 140 characters on the social networking site Twitter. The top trending topic on Twitter is "what I did today (#whatIdidtoday)" at 8:30 AM GMT on Wednesday, October 28.

Social networking is encouraging people to share the most minute details of their everyday life with their friends and followers. Today's trending thematic topic is "What I did today." 

Some of the everyday events people are sharing with their followers are, "I woke up and sang in the shower," "I stayed home, listening to country music and eating pancakes," "I updated my phone to Windows mobile 6.5 and used more of Google Wave" and "I stared into the computer screen the whole day. Now I have a headache."

As Halloween approaches, talk about costumes, parties and Halloween activities has been bubbling away on Twitter. People are discussing what they will wear on the night of October 31 and asking their friends what they have planned for the night.

Michael Jackson's film This Is It opened in selected cinemas across the world on October 28. Twitter users are tweeting about the film, which features the king of pop rehearsing for his sold-out tour. Micro-reviews on Twitter are positive with fans saying, "Jackson movie a thriller in worldwide premiere" and "Michael Jackson dances up a storm in This Is It."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on October 28 at 8:30 AM GMT are:

1. #whatididtoday (new)
2. Halloween (+3)
3. Michael Jackson (new)
4. No Ceilings (new)
5. Paranormal Activity (-1)
6. Peshawar (new)
7. DJ Hero (new)
8. Andre Agassi (new)
9. GFW?G??? (new) ("GFW G-point" in Chinese)
10. Ares I-X (new) (NASA's experimental rocket)