Current Twitter trends: 'When I first met...', Twitter in China, 'U Smile'

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The almost-daily music meme "#NowPlaying" is in the top of Twitter's most talked about charts on the morning of March 16.

The term "#WhenIFirstMet" sits in second place on the charts. People on Twitter are using the term to describe what happened when they first met someone.

The name of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has moved up seven places to number three. His most recent single, "U Smile" was released on March 16 and fans are tweeting about the song. 

The words "I Love You" follow in fourth place, gaining one popularity point overnight. In fifth place is the term "#LetMeFindOut".

Technology blog followers are spreading the current tech news on the social networking site again Tuesday. "Twitter Will Be Available in China...Someday" reads a Mashable technology blog headline that is being re-posted around the Twittersphere.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 16 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #NowPlaying (unchanged)
2. #WhenIFirstMet (new)
3. Justin Bieber (+7)
4. I Love You (+1)
5. #LetMeFindOut (new)
6. China...Someday (new)
7. YANG MAU DI (new)
8. #lilyallenfatwhore (new)
9. #wtfyoumean (new)
10. U Smile (new)