Current Twitter trends: 'when I was a freshman', iPads, Eurovision

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The subject "#wheniwasafreshman" has prompted the most tweets on Twitter on the morning of May 28.

When I was a freshman: "we didn't have myspace, facebook or twitter...we had," "NOBODY had a cell phone," "I had my first Kiss" and "I used to smuggle my girl into my dorm room like illegal drugs," say microbloggers reminiscing about their first year of high school.

The meme "#yougottaloveitwhen" remains unchanged in second place while"#weallhavethatonefollower" is new on the list in third place.

Chat about the Eurovision song competition has driven the name of Dutch singer "Sieneke" into fourth place. "Eurovision," scheduled to take place Saturday in Oslo, is also on the charts coming in at ninth place.

The long-awaited release of Apple's iPad on the morning of Friday, May 28 in nine countries across the world sees "iPads" reach fifth place.

"SATC2", short for the movie Sex and the City 2, moves down one place to number six. "Oil Spill" has lost one place over night and is now trending in seventh place.

"Bank Holiday" replaces yesterday's public holiday term, "Long Weekend" is in eighth place while "Follback" (short for follow back) is in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on May 28 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #wheniwasafreshman (new)
2. #yougottaloveitwhen (unchanged)
3. #weallhavethatonefollower (new)
4. Sieneke (new)
5. iPads (new)
6. SATC2 (-1)
7. Oil Spill (-1)
8. Bank Holiday (new)
9. Eurovision (new)
10. Follback (new)