Current Twitter trends: 'When we were young', 'Jaebum's Abs'

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People on Twitter are disucssing the term "when we were young (#whenwewereyoung)" at 8:30 AM GMT on October 27.

Twitter users are reminiscing about the past, writing about the things they remember enjoying when they were young. "#whenwewereyoung everything was different and easier! i seriously miss the old days," said one user.

Another commented, "#whenwewereyoung We played marbles, watched pokemon and thought swear words were hilarious." A common theme was expressed in the tweet, "#whenwewereyoung we couldn't wait to turn 16, 18, & 21 but now we're old we want to be 4, 8, & 10 all over again."

Tweets about South Korean boy band 2PM are back in Twitter's list of most talked about topics on October 27. This time, fans are expressing their love for "#jaebumsAbs".

On September 8 band member and vocalist Park Jaebeom left 2PM. Jaebeom left the band after controversial comments written on his MySpace page in 2005 were recently brought to light.

Fans and members of the public were shocked to read the "offensive" comments of Jaebeom that revealed an underlying hatred of Korea and Korean people. Jaebeom apologized for his posts but left the band shortly after, heading back to America.

During the last month, fans have expressed their love for the former band member. Twitter has been flooded with posts encouraging Jaebeom to return to the band. The October 27 term "#jaebumsAbs" is yet another attempt by Twitter users to encourage the pop singer to go back to the band.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on October 27 at 8:30 AM GMT are:

1. #whenwewereyoung (new)
2. #jaebumsAbs (new)
3. #itshouldbeillegal (+1)
4. Paranormal Activity (+3)
5. Halloween (+3)
6. #Sainthood (new)
7. Blake Griffin (new)
8. #LetterToMyEx (new)
9. #musicmonday (-8)
10. Goodnight (new)