Current Twitter trends: Yesung, MTV Movie Awards, Apple WWDC predictions

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The hashtags "youneedanupgrade", "weloveyesung" and "howtogetslapped" are taking out the top three places in Twitter's most talked about topics list on the morning of June 7.

The name of Korean Super Junior band member Kim Jong-woon (more commonly known by his stage name Yesung) has hit Twitter's trending topics list after joining the social networking site earlier during the day. Fans are welcoming Yesung with the terms "Yesung Oppa" (currently in fourth place) and "#weloveyesung" (trending in second place).

MTV's annual Movie Awards were held on Sunday June 6. Microbloggers are posting comments about the awards show, driving "MTV Movie" into fifth place. "Xtina", a nickname for American singer Christina Aguilera also made it into Twitter's most talked about topics as fans discuss her performance at the awards night. "Xtina" is trending in ninth place.

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is also a hotly discussed topic this morning, currently sitting in sixth place. The conference is set to take place later today and Twitter users are talking about the possibility of Apple releasing the iPhone "HD", and a "Magic Trackpad" add-on for Apple laptop and desktop users that would enable them to control their PC with finger-based gestures.

The annual "Summer Jam" rap music festival is new in the charts in seventh place. "Oil Spill" follows one place behind, dropping two spots over night. "Another Cinderella Story", the name of the 2008 romantic comedy film featuring Selena Gomez, Jane Lynch and Andrew Seeley is in the charts at number ten.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on June 7 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #youneedanupgrade (new)
2. #weloveyesung (new)
3. #howtogetslapped (new)
4. Yesung Oppa (new)
5. MTV Movie (new)
6. WWDC (new)
7. Summer Jam (new)
8. Oil Spill (-2)
9. Xtina (new)
10. Another Cinderella Story (new)