Current Twitter trends:Shaun White, 'my top subjects'

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Olympic fever is raging in the Twittersphere on Thursday February 18 after American snowboarder Shaun White took home a gold medal at the 2010 Winder Olympics.

"#nowplaying" continues its run at the top of Twitter's trending topics list on February 18 as Twitter users blog about the music they are listening to.

"#OneOfmyFollowers" has taken out the second position replacing the hashtag "I don't understand why" which has moved down one place to number three.

The name of professional American snowboarder Shaun White appeared in the trending topics list at number five after the US' "Flying Tomato" won his second Olympic Medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

White's fans tweeted about his historic win saying, "Winter Olympics 2010: Shaun White wins snowboarding gold for USA," "Watching Olympic action from last night, Shaun White is seriously amazing - 48.4 out of 50!" and "I love how on Shaun White's victory run he scores higher than his 1st run.. he's so badass!"

Microbloggers are using analytics website,, to determine the topics they tweet about the most. The social networkers are then blogging about their own list of trending topics and adding the meme "My Top Subjects."

After a long absence from Twitter's trending topics, Goodnight comes in at number eight.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on February 18 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. #OneOfmyFollowers (new)
3. #idontunderstandwhy (-1)
4. #ohjustlikeme (new)
5. Shaun White (new)
6. My Top Subjects (new)
7. #spesialfollow (new)
8. Goodnight (new)
9. Justin Bieber (new)
10. Tennis Indoor (new)