Current Twitter trends:Valentine's Day, 'Why you on Twitter?', Google Buzz

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The "nowplaying" hashtag is the top trending topic on Twitter on the morning of February 15.

"Valentine's Day" has risen to number 3 while the related term "V-day" is sitting comfortably in the chart at number five.

Valentine's Day and V-day tweets around the Twittersphere include, "Valentines Day is just so so so stupid..You should treat the person or even people that you love the same everyday", "I hope everyone had an awesome Valentines day cause mine was awesome!" and ""why can't people just be happy with the loved ones they have in their lives instead of posting really depressing statuses about V-Day?"

Some social networkers are making it their business to question others' reasons for joining the microblogging site with the "WhyYouOnTwitter" hashtag - a new entry in the charts this week in position number four.

Google's newest real time social networking service, Google Buzz has bounced back into Twitter's trending topics, ranking number 7.

MNIK, short for the title of Bollywood film My Name Is Khan, has dropped three places over the weekend and is now in position number eight. "#MusicMonday" comes in one position behind at number 9.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on February 15 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (+1)
2. #Nshit (new)
3. Valentine's Day (+4)
4. #WhyYouOnTwitter (new)
5. V-day (new)
6. #FollowMonday (new)
7. Google Buzz (new)
8. MNIK (-3)
9. #MusicMonday (new)
10. #makesmesomad (new)